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The Rules of Attraction

The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis I started off with high expectations of this book, and at the start I was enjoying the book, but by the end it was a bit of a struggle, thus the three stars.

The book was well constructed and well written. The idea of seeing the same scene from different perspectives, and following on one scene to the next from different people’s perspective was good and gave you as a reader a feeling for the intertwined stories. Especially how the same set of actions or happenings are seen and understood differently by different people.

Ultimately though I didn’t really care for any of these people, or their mindless parties, couplings or families. You didn’t get to really know any of the characters, and so you couldn’t care about them, all very 1980’s, empty and pointless. Perhaps that was what the author intended, but I didn’t really get it.

As one of the characters says towards the end of the book “No one will ever know anyone. We just have to deal with each other. You’re not ever gonna know me.”