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Untitled Novel: Foden

Turbulence - Giles Foden Wasn't too sure about this book when I started, as physics and meteorology are not my favorite subjects, but I loved it. This is a novel with a strong narrative, well paced and easy to read. The meteorology aspect of the novel is explained in layman's terms, and really adds to the detective element of the story.

With a factual background, embellished with a detective story, this novel follows a young weatherman on his journey to accurately forecast the weather needs for the D-Day landings in northern France. The characters, true and fictional, are well fleshed out and creditable, especially those with the leading roles. Having read the story I now want to know more about what happened, especially what in the story is actual fact as opposed to fiction.

Don’t be put off by the subject matter; this is a really good story.