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On the Beach (Vintage Classics)

On the Beach - Nevil Shute Loved this book, from the first to last page. The writing style was straight forward and relatively unemotional, which really suited the subject matter. In fact at the end of the book the lack of emotion in the writing, made the end of the story that much more moving - this possibly sounds strange but is true.

The depiction of how the people and society was impacted by the "last war" were realistic and very believable, especially the slow deterioration in services, resources etc.

You may wonder what you would do if the world was going to end at a point in the future - how would you react to certain death? what would you do? How this is depicted in the story seems realistic to me, but who knows?

I loved this book, and will now be looking to catch up with other of Nevil Shute's novels.