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Eleven Seasons: Vogel Award Winner

Eleven Seasons - Paul D. Carter If you grew up in, or lived in Melbourne from the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s this novel should bring back lots of memories. If you take even the slightest interest in footy, it will be of even more interest to you – and you don’t have to be a Hawks supporter, even Pies supporters like me will enjoy it.

Well written, in an easy to read style, this is a great book if you want a good story and something not to deep to think about. That is not to say that the story is light, it isn’t, it’s just that with the easy style it is written in, the sometimes dark subjects don’t feel that heavy.

The story takes you on a journey with Jason, the lead character, through his time in school, his life as an amateur footballer and the ups and downs in his personal and family life. With each chapter reflecting a year or a footy season, the narrative is not of a continuous nature, but one that is broken up but picks up from where it previously left off.

A great story, with a big heart, that I thoroughly enjoyed.